Warranty & Maintenance Policy:

""We guarantee quality work, excellent service, and competitive prices in a timely manner.

1. General Provision.

ANS Aviation warrants that subject to all terms of this Warranty, the equipment overhauled or repaired by ANS Aviation shall confirm to the applicable drawing and specifications and be free from defects in material and workmanship. The terms of Warranty shall begin upon delivery of the equipment to the customer.

2. Accessory Repair and Overhaul Warranty.

ANS Aviation warrants the following to be free of defects in material and workmanship, under normal use and excluding normal wear items, for the following periods:

Accessory overhaul - 12 months or 500 hrs of operation

Accessory repairs - 90 days or 150 hrs of operation on the functions or portion of the unit repaired. This warranty DOES NOT give full coverage on any failure during this period, but covers parts and labour used in the previous repair.

Warranty on pre-owned and surplus units purchased outright from ANS Aviation will be determined at the time of purchase.

3. Parts Warranty.

New Parts sales are subject to "Manufacturer's" warranty condition.

Used Parts sales are sold "As Is" or serviceable condition.

Notice of any claim under this Warranty must be provided in writing to ANS Aviation within thirty (30) days of customer's discovery of the defect. At ANS Aviation request the Customer must also provide such additional documentation as may reasonably be required by ANS Aviation to make a warranty claim adjudication.

Warranty is not applicable due to modification or alteration thereof is required to be made (such as Airworthiness Service Bulletin) by an Airworthiness Authority after delivery of the Equipment. This Warranty shall not be extended, altered or varied except by a written instrument signed by ANS Aviation.

4. Exceptions and Exclusions.

ANS Aviation will either repair or replace, at its option, any unit, which fails during the warranty period. Cost of removal, installation and shipping of the unit will be at the customer's expense. The warranty is void if the unit shows signs of abuse, alteration, broken seals, improper installation, or improper packaging for shipment. Cores and overhaul units must be in economically repairable condition.

This warranty shall not apply where the equipment has not been used, handled, stored, maintained, installed or operated in accordance with sound aviation industry practice, written instructions provided by ANS Aviation or the equipment manufacturer, and the requirements of applicable Airworthiness Authorities. Likewise, this warranty shall not apply when defects are caused by normal wear and tear. This warranty shall be immediately extinguished if the equipment is disassembled, tampered with, altered, modified or repaired by anyone other than ANS Aviation, or involved in an accident or incident.

This warranty is the only expressed warranty made and there are no other warranties except made herein. Repair and replacement as provided herein are the exclusive remedies for a breach of this warranty. Implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular use are limited in duration to the express warranty given herein. There is no warranty covering consequential damages or incidental expenses, and ANS Aviation shall not be liable for any such claim. This warranty gives the customer specific legal rights. The customer may have other rights, which may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.



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